School Clubs

We have been providing specialist primary language teaching for two decades. From the age of seven, foreign languages feature on the National Curriculum as a compulsory subject.  We can help your school by bringing languages to your classrooms sooner rather than later.

Omusic-class-innerur Language Fun Clubs in Spanish and French successfully form part of the Extended Learning programme at hundreds of schools across the country.   Each class is focused on a particular theme and pupils learn the basics through fun, games, and role plays.  The clubs are a great way to get children interested in languages and provide the motivation essential for learning a language on a more formal basis in the future.

We also have a team of language teachers who teach during the school timetable. Some schools find it beneficial to schedule our language classes during the class-teacher’s Planning Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time, while others find that the class-teacher enjoys participating in or observing the lesson.

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