Be A Host Family

hostfamily-innerBeing a city famous for its hospitality, we’re sure that there is no shortage of Liverpudlians our there who would be delighted to host one of our students.

Many people think that to be a host family, you have to be a stereotypical family with 2.4 children but this isn’t true.  We have host families from all walks of life, from young, single people to retired couples whose children have long since flown the nest.

hostfamily-inner2In addition to earning some extra money, being a host family really is a great way to form lasting friendships and to learn about people from different cultures and backgrounds.

In a material sense, host families provide students with a bed and food. In a social sense, we ask that our host families really do welcome their student into the family home and treat them as a member of the family.

If you are interested, we’d be delighted to hear from you.  For more information please contact us now. Call 0151 259 4455 or email